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Turf (Lawn)

We have been installing turf for many years now, it is a great way to get that instant wow factor that grass seed simply can't offer. We always get the ground ready before the turf arrives, we then dig or rotovate through the soil to relieve compaction to create a workable tilth and add more good quality soil if required and apply some specialist fertiliser. 

Never allow newly laid turf to dry out. This can cause gaps and browning. Water in thoroughly as soon as it has been laid and the continue regular watering at least once a day during dry weather until the turf has rooted. Ensure that the water has penetrated right through the turf and into the soil by lifting a corner and checking underneath.


Avoid watering when the sun is very strong as this can cause scorching - early mornings and evenings are the best times to water. Do not walk on newly laid turf as this could make it uneven until there is sufficient root structure. Use boards if necessary, especially when moving a sprinkler when the turf is wet and soft.

A few examples of our work

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