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Replacing a fence can be very expensive. However, if your posts are simply loose or have rotten away over time and broken at the base we can offer an alternative option. It is a more cost effective way to renew the strength of your fence, and that is by having concrete repair spurs installed against your existing timber post.


A repair spur essentially acts as a splint for your broken, rotten or loose fence post. Fitted using specialist equipment to break up old concrete, dig a minimum of two feet into the ground, bolt the spur onto the existing post and finally it is filled with concrete. This style of repair causes minimal disruption to your garden, and unlike replacing a post you wont risk damaging existing panels - as well as the benifit of costing much less than replacing your fence. 


Your new and improved fence posts will now last for many more years, most likely until you decide you're ready for a different fence - all spurs are fitted with a ten year guarantee.



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Fence repair in Guildford, Surrey
Fence repair in Surrey
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