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We offer a whole range of services from small domestic fencing to larger scale site fencing.

Palisade Fencing

Palisade fencing or picket fencing as it is widely know is a very popular choice for the front aspect of any property. We can fit round top, pointed top or flat top, with gates to match as seen in photo.

Loose Closeboard

Loose closeboard is available in a variety of options, you can mix concrete and wood to get a bespoke look - a highly popular choice.

Closeboard with trellis

The added trellis to the top adds that extra bit of privacy for your garden.

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Closeboard panels

A very popular choice when looking for a product that will last for decades. Using concrete slotted posts make this style of fencing easily replaceable - overlap style panel also available.

Overlap Panel

Panel fencing is probably the most widely used form of domestic fencing. 



Post & Rail

Designed to complement the overall theme of your property.

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Accoustic Fencing

The perfect fence if you're looking to reduce noise coming from a road. It is specially designed to deflect the sound waves - a very popular choice for those living on busy roads.

Convex trellis

Max heigh of fence is 2 meters (6,6ft), you can add trellis above this heigh with no planning permission required.


We supply and install a variety of gates to fit all sizes.

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