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This is the very popular loose closeboard style of fence being erected by two of the Advanced Garden Fencing team in Guildford, Surrey. In the first picture you have the framework, which includes 4x4" posts, arris rails, gravel boards and back stumps - all wood is pressure treated and stained. The second picture shows the featheredge boards being fitted using 2" nails - each board has 3 nails. And finally in the third picture you have your finished product - a 6ft high loose closeboard fence. 

Work in Action

The framework is erected using posts, arris rails, gravel boards and back stumps. All posts are concreted into the ground a minimum of 2ft deep.
The second stage is attaching the featheredge boards using 2" nails - 3 nails per board.
The finished product - a 6ft high loose closeboard style fence in treated timber.